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Club Tax Book

"An Accumulation of Tax Issues Specific To Clubs"

Club Tax Book continues to be recognized by leaders throughout the Private Club Industry as the one resource Club Managers, Controllers, Treasurers, and Professionals must have to keep them updated on the ever-changing federal income tax laws.  We guarantee you will not find another source of information as complete and diverse as this publication.

Written in a very easy to understand question and answer format this reference tool provides the documentation (i.e. Revenue Ruling, Revenue Procedure) that supports the conclusions as well as is categorized by topic and word searchable.



Key Benefits:

  • Assurance of daily monitoring for federal tax law changes applicable to Clubs.
  • E-mail notification of "urgent" tax law changes to those providing an e-mail address.
  • One full year of quarterly updates, ensuring the information in Club Tax Book is reliable.
  • Access to the author, at no additional charge, to ask a quick question about a federal tax issue not addressed in Club Tax Book.  This is a source of new topics in future updates.

Club Tax Book Contents:

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  • Chapter 1:   Tax Law Applicable To Clubs
  • Chapter 2:   Club Tax Issues
  • Chapter 3:   Tipped Vs. Service Charge Employee
  • Chapter 3a: Overtime and Wage & Hour
  • Chapter 4:   Fringe Benefit
  • Chapter 5:   Policy Statements and Glossary
  • Chapter 6:   501(c)(7) Club Marketing Q & A's
  • Chapter 7:   Articles On Club Tax Issues
  • Chapter 8:   Section 6417 Energy Tax Credits and Deductions (501(c)(7) & 277 Taxable Clubs)
  • Chapter 9:   Club Treasurer Handbook


Description Item# Price
Club Tax Book delivered electronically CTB $675.00*
Yearly updates after 1st year billed directly $350.00*
*Florida Subscribers - Sales Tax will NOT be charged because this publication is being delivered electronically which is exempt from Florida Sales Tax.

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