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Can Golf Lessons be an amenity at your Private Golf Club? If you want to increase your Membership, pay your Teaching Professional a decent rate of compensation in exchange for giving your Members "FREE" golf lessons.  Here is an example of what I am talking about:

Learn to Chip-Pitch-Punch the Golf Ball -

John Dahl has become my favorite PGA Teaching Professional.  I have never met Mr. Dahl, but have read about him in Joel Zuckerman's Pro's Pros (Extraordinary Club Professionals Making Golf Great). In one of many YouTube videos he has created, John teaches everyone how to start the golf swing and the stances one should have with each swing.  May I suggest this should be one of the lessons Private Golf Clubs make available to all Members at no additional cost, an amenity if you will. A reason for a person to join your Private Golf Club.  Better Golfers play more golf.  Better Golfers invite more guests to show off their games. Better Golfers increase Club revenues.  "FREE" lessons pay for themselves multiple times.

Video for john dahl chip pitch punch

Learn to Chip-Pitch-Punch the Golf

John Dahl

For the past 28 years John has been the head golf professional at Oxbow Golf and Country Club in Fargo, ND. Over 50% of his membership has a single digit handicap. During the winter months John has assisted with corporate golf events all across the country, and he has 25 years of experience with Executive Golf Ltd. Notable companies whom John has worked with include Ford Motor Company and Toyota Motor.