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2.0 Increase Membership

If it is "All About Golf", why don't Clubs actually teach their Members to play the game as an added amenity in an effort to increase the Club's Membership?  "Join this Club and we will drop your handicap 30% a year for the next three years if you are willing to work on your game with us."

Now, FREE is not FREE.  Members pay Club dues and this is one of the "perks" they receive in return.  Golf Professionals must leave the Pro Shop and start engaging Members outside where they are working on their golf game.  It is a known fact that when PGA Professionals teach on a fee basis, the Pro makes money but the Club does not.  When the PGA Professional's primary job duty is to teach and improve the golf games of Members, as an amenity to every full dues paying Member, Club Membership increases, Club Revenue increases and the Golf Professional's compensation increases.  Club "It's All About Golf" Book goes into greater detail and expands upon offering "FREE Golf Lessons".

John Johnson, Marketing Consultant, renowned Golf Photographer, and Founder of J2Golf &, has built a digital marketing magazine for our company as a way for us to share ideas, thoughts and theories about how to Increase Your Club's Membership.  Please spend some time contemplating if this theory will work at your Golf Club.