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2.0 Testimonials

What have readers had to say about Club "It's All About Golf" Book 2.0?

  • "I read your book on the flight to Ohio and already sold another copy to a good friend who has already downloaded an e-copy yesterday.  He loved your approach to Golf 2.0."  (Product provider to the Golf Industry)
  • "So it takes me a couple years to convince my head professional to hire a couple of counter employees for next season so that he and his assistants can be out on the course (range, first tee, putting green, three-hole facility).  I then buy your book "It's All About Golf 2.0". Damn, I don’t have time to learn these things on my own, so I am not waiting any longer for bright ideas to appear in my head especially since I have your playbook in my hands.  Would you share with me a couple of clubs that have gone to the free lesson model that I could reach out to help craft my own program? No sense in learning by trial and error."  (Private Club General Manager)