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2.0 Testimonials

What have readers had to say about Club "It's All About Golf" Book 2.0?

  • "I read your book on the flight to Ohio and already sold another copy to a good friend who has already downloaded an e-copy yesterday.  He loved your approach to Golf 2.0."  (Product provider to the Golf Industry)
  • "So it takes me a couple years to convince my head professional to hire a couple of counter employees for next season so that he and his assistants can be out on the course (range, first tee, putting green, three-hole facility).  I then buy your book "It's All About Golf 2.0". Damn, I don’t have time to learn these things on my own, so I am not waiting any longer for bright ideas to appear in my head especially since I have your playbook in my hands.  Would you share with me a couple of clubs that have gone to the free lesson model that I could reach out to help craft my own program? No sense in learning by trial and error."  (Private Club General Manager)
  • "I recently had the opportunity to attend Mitchell Stump's, education session at the CMAA World Conference, titled, "Is It Time To Take Charge of Your Golf Department?" This high energy and passionate speaker grabbed my attention from the moment he began to speak. It was as if he were speaking to me and my team directly. Every catch phrase, every suggested improvement by Mitchell was a home run! 

    As the General Manager of the Cliffs at Glassy, I hung onto every word. I could not stop thinking about the class session and how our team could make an impactful change in our golf department based off of his theory of making everything we do about golf. We often think and believe,  we are already golf centric, doing an excellent job. This class session opened my eyes to reality! We can do so much better.

    The next day, I stopped by Mr. Stump's booth at the trade show. I purchased his book, Club "It's All About Golf" Book 2.0. Struggling from jet lag, I needed a good read to ease into the evening and fall quickly asleep. I don't why I selected his book to put me to sleep. The exact opposite happened! I began reading and again, it was if he were speaking directly to me and my team. I could not put the book down. His scorecard, suggestions and comprehensive understanding of the club financial impact was captivating to say the least. I ran back to his booth the next day and bought 10 more books. I want everyone on my team to read this impactful book, adopting a new direction for how we think golf!"
    Side note: my Golf Pro loved me.... as I highlighted key areas in the book, on the air plane, he had it in his hands by 9 am the following morning, it is now a required read! I have also shared with our top management executives!
    Kind regards,

       Mary Painter, CPCE
       General Manager
       The Cliffs at Glassy
       m  864.270.2374
       o   864.663.8117

  • "It is Gary Behan from the Country Club of Terre Haute. I picked up your book Club "It's All About Golf" Book 2.0 which you autographed for me. I had it on my desk and my Club President, Mr. Vining, walked in and started looking at it and asked if he could take it home to read. That was about 5 hours ago, and he just called and said it is great and that we need to move the bag drop and focus on our golf members. He said he would like to order a book for each Board Member (14).  You made a believer out of him."