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“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetrate it”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Ready to take the steps necessary to institute a Fraud Hotline for your Club?

·         Step 1 – Print out, read and sign 1 year contract (Document attached)

·         Step 2 – Provide names of Club contacts (Last page of Document attached)

·         Step 3 – If the CPA Firm that conducts your financial audit is a Member of Club Tax Network, print out and sign the document titled “Club Tax Network Member/Client Form” to receive special pricing (Document attached).  Otherwise, proceed to Step 4.

·         Step 4 – Write check* and mail with above Documents to:

Club Tax Network, Inc.

26 Princewood Lane

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-1493

*W-9 for your Accounting Department (Document attached)


·         Step 4 – Once Club Fraud Hotline is activated and The Club has received its 2 posters, copy of the signed agreement and paid invoice, Senior Management should inform employees the Club Fraud Hotline is available and encourage them to use it to report illegal or unethical behavior.  The most effective communication plan includes a mixture of media designed to reinforce the message, including placing the posters in break rooms, discussing “Ethics” at staff meetings along with Member services, and placing notices in employee newsletters.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) encourages the use of hotlines and, once instituted, recommends that you, the Club Management, send each employee a self created letter announcing the Hotline and a self created business card with the Hotline number on it.  New employees should receive this information as part of their orientation, and it is recommended that HR representatives document that employees have received information about the Club Fraud Hotline and understand its use. 

Ongoing communication reinforces the purpose of the Club Fraud Hotline and reassures employees that reports are taken seriously.  This commitment to “Ethics” supports whistleblowers and becomes a part of the Club culture.




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Club Fraud Hotline Contract



Print, Read, Sign & Return this 1-year Contract.

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Club Tax Network Member/Client Form



List of Member Firms - If the CPA Firm that conducts your Audit is a Member of Club Tax Network, fill out this form to receive special pricing.

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W-9 for Club Tax Network