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2.0 Why Written?

Why is a Club Tax Guy writing a second book about "It's All About Golf?"  It starts as a tax issue:

  • Private Clubs call me regularly, wanting to know if they can pursue more nonmember revenue from a tax perspective.
  • Club Boards often believe increasing nonmember services, especially F&B, is the salvation of their struggling Private Club.
  • After discussing the tax implications of pursuing nonmember revenue, I often request permission to ask the caller a couple of questions of my own:
    • Do you know who your Club's best customer is?
    • If the Club could increase any category of income, which one would make the biggest financial difference?
    • Isn't the golf course the Club's largest and most costly asset to maintain if they have one?
    • If it is a Club that has a golf course, isn't your best customer one new Full Equity Golf Member?
      • Pays the highest joining fee;
      • Pays the highest amount of annual dues; and
      • Uses some of the Club's most profitable services.
    • If a Golf Club's best customer is the Full Equity Golf Member, why is the total golf experience often so bland?
    • Shouldn't it be "All About Golf?" to attract and retain your best customer if the Club has a golf course?  And yes, at the tennis courts, "It's All About Tennis" and at the pool, "It's All About Swimming."  At the bar "It's All About Drinking" and in the dining room, "It's All About Eating."

Club "It's All About Golf" Book 2.0 provides more questions and observations Private Golf Clubs need to ponder. In 2.0, I have provided a Score Card to evaluate your Club's golf experience and I am not talking about rating your golf course. Score your Club from the anticipation of arriving, through the Bag Drop, into the Locker Room and Golf Pro Shop, to the Driving Range, into the on course Restrooms, through the Clubhouse, and back out to the Bag Drop as you depart the Club. Also, evaluate the Key Individuals that can make the most difference in the golf experience. Does your Club really provide your current or potential best customer with a WOW! experience? If not, why not?

Reading and using Club "It's All About Golf" Book 2.0 could be a game changer. Want more customers of the type you want and want them to come back more often? Purchase your copy of Club "It's All About Golf" Book 2.0 in Hardcover or as an eBook today.