Club Fraud Hotline


Club Frauds Found

It is a Clubs worst nightmare to have a trusted employee commit a fraud.  Are there some published examples of employees stealing from a Private Member Owned Club?  Note, none of these Clubs had the Club Whistleblower Hotline in place.

09/15 Ocean Reef Club - Accomplices May Have Been Involved

09/15 Ocean Reef Club - Club Cashier Accused Of Stealing Nearly $1M

08/15 Pelham (NY) Country Club - Former Controller Charged With Embezzling About $335,000

07/15 Tiburon Golf Club - Former Head Pro Embezzled More Than $40,000

02/15 Tehama Golf Club - Manager of Clint Eastwood's Golf Club Arrested

09/14 Dorset Field Club - Former Bookkeeper Sentenced 6-Months For Embezzling

02/14 Plymouth Country Club - Former Waitress Sues Alleging Harassment

01/14 Nemacolin Country Club - Manager Accused Of Stealing Half Million Dollars

12/13 Northfield Golf Club - Employee Charged With Illegal Use Of Club's Credit Card

07/11 Key Royal Club - Club Members React To Arrest Of Ex-Bookkeeper On Fraud Charges

02/11 Riverview Country Club - Former Golf Pro Charged With Theft