Benefits To Clubs

What is the benefit to a Club?

Clubs should want their professionals to be knowledgeable of their specific Industry.  Clubs are encouraged to engage Club Tax Network Member firms because of their commitment to the Club Industry.  Through this Network, these firms have access to Club specific tools, receive Club specific education and regularly communicate with other Club specific professionals from around the country.

** Special Agreement with Club Benchmarking - Club Tax Network Member Firms can input their client’s data into the Club Benchmarking (CB) database and use the CB peer comparison platform to review their client in comparison to peers and the industry at large. The CB business model comparison (accomplished via the CB Available Cash Report) is a strategic window into a given club’s financial state. Club Tax Network Member Firms use the CB data to increase their value as a trusted advisor by providing relevant and standardized comparative data. Club Tax Network Member Firms can use the comparative data in Club client Board and Committee meetings and can use the data during the process of acquiring prospective clients.


Clubs that are engaging Club Tax Network Members can be assured the answers to the above questions will not only be yes, but emphatically yes!  Shouldn't you make contact with one of our Members today?